Yangmingshan Cherry Blossoms

For many, spring is the most beautiful season of the year. It colors the world after the gray skies of winter. The clouds start to get lighter, the sun is no longer shy though it still hides sometimes and flowers slowly bloom giving the world a lively hue of colors. Not too cold, not too hot. Spring is like a cheerful stunning innocent lady who brightens a room.

Japan and Korea are probably the 2 most popular countries to best experience the cherry blossoms during Spring. Little do many people know that Taiwan also has its glorious cherry blossoms season. The heart of Asia as people titled Taiwan is rich in flourishing green forests and natural parks. In the outskirts of Taipei where most natural parks are located, Yangmingshan National Park cherry blossoms season is from the middle of February to the second week of March.

How to get there:

  • Take the Taiwan High-Speed Rail or regular train to Taipei Station, transfer to Royal Bus to Jinshan or to the Yangmingshan National Park Administration.
  • Take the MRT to Jiantan Station, transfer to Bus Red-5 to Yangmingshan stop. Then take Bus No. 108 to Tourist Center stop.
  • Take the Taiwan High-Speed Rail or regular to Taipei Station, transfer to Bus No. 260 to Yangmingshan stop. Then take Bus No. 108 to Tourist Center stop.
image_6483441 (13)
Sweets vendor.
The garden.
image_6483441 (11)
The flower clock.
image_6483441 (7)
One of the many paths in the garden.
image_6483441 (8)
Since the garden is confusing because of its size, signs are placed in the area.
My obligatory selfie with a cherry blossom tree.
image_6483441 (1)
Wedding photo shoot.

What to expect:

Yangmingshan National Park is vast and aside from Cherry Blossoms, this adventure park has hiking terrains, bike trails, streams, hot springs, a volcano, falls and mountains. Expect a lot of hiking in this area though the location where the cherry blossoms are found is not too difficult. I was traveling with my mom, she was 64 but she managed. To those who are worried about hiking, don’t worry buses will take you straight to the garden, however, the park has multiple entrances so make sure to speak with the driver once you hop on the bus. Aside from cherry blossoms, there are plenty of blooming flowers of various types and colors. There are also birds, and squirrels in the park to enjoy. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t see a lot of flowers bloom. Unfortunately, these cherry blossoms are very sensitive and don’t bloom long as well. It’s hard to predict when these flowers bloom together.

Travel Tips:

  1. Expect a big crowd in the location from tourist and locals excited to see the blooming flowers.
  2. Few food stalls are available in the park. You can bring your own food and have a little picnic while enjoying the scenery.
  3. Buses go straight to the flower garden, but if you want to see the beautiful scenery of the park where cherry blossoms are paraded on the sides of the road, you can walk from the entrance gate to the flower clock.
  4. Some drivers can speak English, some cannot. Ask a co-commuter, someone from the crowd definitely knows how to speak English and they can translate it for you to the driver.
  5. Make sure to have the exact fare amount when you take the bus. Buses won’t give you change. Bus fare is NTD $15.
  6. No entrance fee
  7. Always check for cherry blossoms season in a specific location, it differs every year.
  8. Due to a lot of visitors wanting to visit the park, sometimes the Yangmingshan National Park Administration limits the crowd. Planning to visit? Please check their official website.

Other Places with Cherry Blossoms in Taiwan:

  • Alishan National Scenic Area: Early to Mid March
  • Wuling Farm: Early March
  • Tamsui/Danshui: Late February to Mid March
  • Wulai District Scenic Area & Old Street: Early March
  • Sun Moon Lake: Early to Mid February
  • Renshan Botanical Garden: Late February to Early or Mid March
  • Taipei City: Mid February onward.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. ariadne says:

    hi, when exactly is/are your travel date? is this in february? also plan to go to taipei 2nd week of march, don’t know if i’ll be able to see the blooms? your reply will be much appreciated

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Januaryrain Pagalan says:

      Hi Ariadne, I went second week of March. I checked online for the possible cherry blossom season, you can google it actually. There is a specific taiwanese website in English that posts possible dates. Sorry I couldn’t find the link. 🙂 Check it before you book your flight. There are also plenty of locations in Taiwan that celebrate cherry blossom festivals. If i am a not mistaken from late February to end of March. 🙂


  2. ariadne says:

    Thank you for your information on this!


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