How to Squeeze in Travel Goals When Working 40+ a Week

When work takes over our lives in this fast-paced world, the urge to escape from office routine is too strong that the need to take a breather is immediate. Work-life balance is difficult to achieve when work demands a lot from us. However, there is always a loophole in every circumstance. Social media platforms flaunt successful travel enthusiasts who work full-time in the corporate world while playing hardcore on their travel goals. It sums up to few tips on how to squeeze in a great holiday without compromising your job.

Plan Ahead 

The Labor Code mandates vacation and sick leave credits. Since it provides work opportunities, use it to unwind and take full advantage of it. Be smart about disposing of leave credits by ensuring to prepare well for the trip. Successful and hassle-free trips are usually because of smart planning. Make sure to create an itinerary.

Long Weekends and Holidays

Numerous official holidays and festivities mark the calendar. Before setting a holiday trip, consider the non-working holidays and long weekends. Try to look for schedule swaps if it is applicable to extend leave from the office.

For those who work in industries that do not observe legal holidays, few call centers allow their employees to request vacation leaves on legal or special holidays. Once approved, the leave credit will be credited back to their new leaves.

Job Enhancements

Who says attending seminars and conferences is boring? Consider it a privilege to enhance skills as well as a travel opportunity. It is a win-win with free accommodation, food, airfare, and other expenses paid while getting a job upgrade.

Leave Credits Need to be Avail

There is a reason why the labor law granted vacation leaves, and it is a privilege to be taken. After all, everyone needs to put one’s feet up. Although some people might have reasons why they will not use their exemptions, make sure to avail of it. Of course, disposing of leave credits depends on priorities.

Maximize Rest Days 

Some organizations have day-offs intended for their employees, which are added aside from their vacation leave as incentives. Most of the time, these incentives are common for employees that belong in the industry of medicine and service-oriented industries. The key to effectively enjoying a day off is to discover something new. It might be cooking a new dish, learning a new hobby, or discovering a new place. In contrast, some may use their day off to lie around and binge-watch their favorite show. How about going outdoors? Hike with friends to the mountain or go camping. Maybe to the beach and feel the warmth of the sun. 

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