Staying Fit and Healthy While Traveling

Traveling is a great way to learn about other cultures, meet new people, and get to know yourself better. Although it’s incredibly enriching, it can throw you off your regular routine and it can affect your body’s rhythm, too, especially if you usually keep to a daily health and exercise regimen. Here’s how to stay fit and healthy while you’re traveling:

Never skip a meal

It’s easy to forget to eat a balanced meal when you’re surrounded by delicious local food. It’s not to say you should deprive yourself while you’re traveling, but be mindful about what you put in your body. The Huffington Post suggests not skipping breakfast, especially if you’re staying in a hotel that offers it for free. It can help you manage your budget, too. It would also be wise to make snacking a habit so you don’t spend too much on food while you’re sightseeing. If you can, bring some protein bars to keep you full and boost your metabolism.

Drink plenty of water

Bring a water bottle that can withstand any kind of travel activity, from mountain climbing to city sightseeing. Keeping hydrated can be a challenge, too, when you’re on the go, so it is important to be organized. Sticking to water will also help you avoid sodas and artificial fruit drinks.

Don’t take your vitamins and supplements for granted

Especially vitamin C, which can help boost your immune system so you don’t get sick while you’re on the road. Fish oil for your heart and vitamin E for your skin are also important. Pretty Me explains how L-carnitine is an amino acid that boosts the metabolism, which will better help you digest food. Perfect for sampling new cuisines and dishes. Bringing a few supplements will help keep your body healthy, especially in places where there might not be many food options.

Stick to your exercise routine and fitness goal

It’s tempting to slack off when you’re traveling, but there are many ways to have fun and stay fit. Walking instead of taking public transport will not only keep you active but also give you a better appreciation of the place you are visiting. If you love fitness why not combine the activities, and go on an extended cycle trail or a week-long expedition. Sticking to your exercise routine is also important. If you can’t go to the gym, find substitute workout activities you can do in your hotel room or outside. Fast Company emphasizes the importance of tracking your progress  by making sure you take note of how many kilometers you walked or how many flights of stairs you climbed. Fitness trackers will help you keep a good record of how well you are doing. There are also many apps for smartphones that cater to those with no access to a gym. Another important point is to make sure you pack plenty of clothes appropriate for exercise to keep you on track. BNY Jeans published a guide to athleisure that shows how popular this trend is becoming, but more importantly how the clothes are multipurpose and ideal for people traveling with very little baggage.

Get enough sleep

It’s not easy to adjust to time zones, but you need to get quality sleep so you don’t end up too tired or worse, jet-lagged. Make sure you set a bedtime and stick with it as best as you can. Sleeping on time can be difficult when you’re backpacking, but enough rest will help keep you alert during the day.

There will be times when you don’t stick to your healthy routine and that is fine. After all, traveling is about taking yourself out of your comfort zone, and we want you to have fun. Yet, we hope this article shows how it is easy to create a healthy balance. If you are away for extended period, the more crucial it is to stay fit and healthy.

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