Other Activities To Do in Kuta Beach, Bali Aside From Surfing

Kite Flying

If you like to do something that has less physical activity, kite flying is one of the options. There are plenty of colorful kites available in different sizes for sale. You can find plenty of small stores selling one around the area. Prices depend on the size.

Beach Soccer

Football for the Europeans! For soccer or football fans, you can play with the locals at the beach. It doesn’t cost anything. Just smile and ask some locals if you can have a game or two with them.

Sun Bathing

Might not be an option for a Filipina like me. I got enough tan already, this activity is most applicable to Caucasians. But to those who would like to have the perfect tan, the beach is all yours. A beach chair is available for rent for 30,000.00 IDR ( 100.00 PHP) a day.

Eat, Drink, and Shop

You will find this everywhere in Kuta Beach. So you do not need to worry about how to get lunch or where to get cold beer. There are plenty of souvenir shops too. A bit expensive, though. A tip from me,  always haggle.

If the beach is too hot for you, malls and souvenir shops are everywhere. You can walk around Bali if you don’t mind the heat and explore the surrounding area. It’s worth it. You will find interesting shops and tourists swarming around enjoying the summer heat.

I waited for the sunset in Kuta Beach, it was mesmerizing. Plenty of locals and foreigners enjoy the cool breeze of the afternoon. You can walk along the beach long shoreline without getting bored because it’s packed with lively people. After the sunset, I ended my day at La Plancha Restaurant in Seminyak. They have this unique and colorful restaurant set up which sets the mood for an evening chill. They serve good food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Travel Tip:

For tourists who like vibrant city life, Kuta is the best place for you to stay and get the complete Bali experience. Bustling nightlife, inexpensive restaurants , luxury hotels and malls. This place is complete with everything you might need during your stay.

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  1. The beach soccer is at the top of our list! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Januaryrain Pagalan says:

      You are welcome! 😊

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