I Am A Woman, I Travel Alone, You Should Too Because…

You’re not a slave of routine.

When your alarm clock rings, you need to get up and prepare yourself for work regardless of how you feel. When you get to work, you meet the same people every single day. You talk to the same people or eat the same food in the pantry. Get out from the enslaving routine. Get a life! And don’t let any circumstance stop you just because your friends prefer to wear stilettos than sneakers.

Experience is immortal.

Okay, you are a modern successful woman who can afford to go shopping every week and buy designer clothes or the latest gadget available in the market. After a few months, your gadget deteriorates and your designer clothes begin to fade. How about trying something that would not deteriorate or fade?

Leave the superficial shopping and never go with the flow just because most people have the same preference. Decide for yourself. Be different. Take a bus and go on unplanned road trips. Go somewhere random, try an exhilarating cliff jump and write about it. Let people read about your adventures. How about that? Material things decay. Experience is immortal.

It’s empowering.

Wander around unfamiliar places to broaden your horizon. Figure out which way to go next. Be lost in the right place. Go without waiting for someone. Meet new people and update your friends list. Push yourself into something that feeds your soul. Learn, engage, be fearless and plan adventures your own way. Life starts outside your comfort zone. You were never limited to what you can do.

Scared? You just need to learn and do it slowly, one step at a time. Once you take the first step, no one can stop you, not even yourself. All you need to do is start.

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