7 Best Night Markets to Visit in Taipei

I was wondering where to go after the Yangmingshan Cherry Blossoms experience. With no specific itinerary, we randomly went to nearby night markets and it was an awesome experience. The crowd, the food, the vivid nightlife and the budget friendly shopping, I would definitely recommend night market hopping. Here are few best night markets that you should visit when you are in Taipei, Taiwan.

1. Shilin Night Market

One of the many night markets in Taipei that is sprawling with street food combined with affordable shopping. Alleys crowded with locals and tourists enjoying a typical Taiwanese night market. A nice place to end your night especially when you are travelling from Yangmingshan National Park.


Address: Lane 101, Wenlin Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111
Open Hours: 6:00PM – 12AM

How to get there by MRT: Take the Red Line to Jiantan Station, not Shilin Station. Leave from Exit 1 to the market.

2. Tonghua Night Market

Not only that it has local delicacies but also international cuisines fit for international travellers who would like to experience the distinctiveness of Asian palate. After feasting on great food and enjoying the vibrant crowd, shopping for the latest fashion inexpensively is what this place is boasting for.


Address: Alley 1, Lane 40, Linjiang St, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
Hours open: 6:00PM -12:00AM

How to get there by MRT: Take the Red Line to Xinyi Anhe station. Exit through street Exit 3. Walk to Tonghua Night Market for 5 minutes.

3. Raohe Street Night Market

One of the oldest night markets in Taipei. Night markets are part of the Taiwanese daily life since. Local cuisines like stinky tofu, pepper buns, fukushima yaki, cheng herbal pork soup, tongfa oyster vermicelli are some of the dishes to be tried in Raohe. Wanna try some exotic food? In the middle of this Taiwanese night market are dishes from India and Pakistan.


Address: Fuyuan St, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan
Open Hours: 5:00PM – 12:00AM

How to get there by MRT: Take Taipei MRT-Bannan Line to MRT Houshanpi Station. Walk towards Yongji Road from exit no. 4 of MRT Houshanpi Station and turn at Songshan Road.

4. Ximending Night Market

The atmosphere of this place is incredible. Though it wasn’t as big as Dotonbori in Osaka, Japan, but it’s like little Dotonbori. There are varieties of international clothing brands in this area compared to other night markets I have been. What’s best to see here aside from (of course food and shopping) is the entertainment. A lot of street performers every night can be found in almost every corner.

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Address: Chengdu Rd.,Zhonghua Rd., Wuchang Rd., Xinning S. Rd.,Wanhua District,Taipei City,Taiwan (R.O.C.)

How to get there by MRT: Take Taipei MRT-Bannan Line. Exit from No.6 MRT to Ximen Station

5. Gongguan Night Market

This is the biggest market in the south district of Taipei. Located near National Taiwan University, the crowd are mostly students making this location one of the many inexpensive night markets for food tripping and shopping. Don’t forget to try the Taiwanese bubble tea and lunbing (stuffed pancakes).


Address: Zhongzhen Dist.,Taipei City,Taiwan
How to get there by MRT: Take Taipei MRT-Xindian Line going to MRT Gongguan Station
6. Huaxi Street Night Market

Huaxi Street Night Market or Snake alley is located near Longshan Temple. Here you will find traditional dishes and delicacies cooked with snake meat or blood, turtle meat or blood or deer penis wine.


Address: Huaxi St, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108
Open Hours: 4:00PM – 12:00AM
How to get there by MRT:  Take MRT to Longshan Temple MRT Station.

7.Ningxia Night Market

Nicknamed as Taipei’s stomach, Ningxia night market is one of the oldest night markets in the country. It has more or less 20 food stalls feeding its hungry visitors and residents with local delicacies and dishes for more than 50 years.


Address: Ningxia Rd.,Datong, Taipei
Open Hours: 4:00PM – 2:00AM
How to get there by MRT: Walk from Zhongshan MRT Station or Shuanglian MRT Station heading West.


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