Ljubljana, Slovenia – Brief Adventure of a Globetrotter

I took the coach from Venezia Tronchetto,  coaches leave Venice in the afternoon via Trieste and reaches Ljubljana at night. As soon as I got to the city, I looked for my hostel and checked in for a good night sleep. 

Ljubljana has amazing hostels with reasonable prices. For instance, the hostel where I stayed cost me 7 euros only and has an review rating of 9.0 out of 10, one of the highest I have seen.

After 7 hours of sleep, I was ready for my walking tour. I knew very little about the city so I grabbed a tourist map from the reception, free of charge with interesting locations readily marked.
With a map, I climbed to Ljubljana Castle located on Grajski Hill. There is a funicular service to that takes commuters to the top or walk 30 minutes to reach the castle.

Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating that time but the view from the terrace made me forget the hassles.



Down from the south side of the hill was the old town located near Ljubljanica River. Along the river bank is an old town, the prettiest part of the city with few restaurants and cafes catering visitors and locals. 

The city has few worth seeing bridges but 2 of them has the best view; the eye catching triple bridge and the captivating dragon bridge. 

The triple bridge is made of 3 individual bridges constructed next to each other. It leads to Prešernov square, a vibrant tourist destination in the city.



That part of the city can be covered in less than a day.  At the north, next to the dragon bridge, is an open bazaar/market. Of course restaurants and cafes are also available around and the best part of it, food doesn’t cost much, compared to Venice. 

For instance, a cup of coffee and a slice of cake cost less than 5 euros. While enjoying a cup of warm coffee, take pleasure of the view as boats get busy transporting people up and down the river. 



For lunch my choice was burek (börek in Turkish). It is a pastry filled with cheese or minced beef or potato (choose a filling you prefer) and a cup of coffee.



Finally the Tivoli Park, one of the largest I have seen in Europe. A forest-like park, in the middle of the city. Towards the west going to the central square is a subway leading to the park. Tivoli Park has diffirent  kinds of beautiful flowers and century year old pine trees. The park is also home to contemporary art museum (Mednarodni grafični likovni center).
Wander around the old town early in the day until noon and then after lunch, visit the park, relax and grab something to drink or eat like a local.

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