Surfing at Kuta Beach, Bali

Bali, Indonesia, an island paradise on earth. One of the main tourist destination in Southeast Asia that attract tourists like a magnet. The island offers an irresistible charm and a take-a-load-off aura to its visitors who would like to experience the Balinese way of solace. It is known for its ancient temples, warm hospitality, and unspoiled natural resources. What most people don’t know is that Bali is more than its culture and religion, Bali is the surfing capital of Indonesia. What is more interesting, Bali’s beaches do not have the typical white sand beach , but rather black sand on its shores, courtesy of the active volcanoes around Bali.

Located in the heart of Bali, Kuta Beach boasts itself with its unique black sand shoreline, bustling nightlife, and convenient accommodations. For the adventure seekers, surfing is available for beginners and professional surfers. A vacation in Bali won’t be complete without riding the waves.

It was in the middle of April, summer in Bali. The sun was up, the wind felt warm on my skin, the day was perfect for some outdoor activity. Since I was traveling alone, I usually just wander around and check what’s exciting in the area, I came across  Kuta Beach, I got interested when I saw  people surfing. I have never surfed before. So I went to the beach asked a random guy where I could find someone who would be willing to teach a Filipina girl to surf.


I found a surf instructor and he charged me 200,000.00 IDR (700.00 PHP) for an hour and 30 minutes. I got on my swimsuit and minutes later, I found myself struggling in the water. He taught me first on how to do the basic, on how to get myself ready when a big wave is behind me and on how to balance myself. It was fun, but I was terrible. I couldn’t get myself to stand for a minute on the board. I didn’t realize it was that difficult. My instructor was really patient, one of the traits that I love about Balinese people, though they overcharge tourists too much which I think is ridiculous, but they are the warmest people I met. They are most polite and friendly. If you are not comfortable with a random guy helping you with your basic surfing, you can always look for professional surfers in the area.

An hour and a half was more than enough. It was exhaustively fun! It was great, but I needed to stop, watching my surf teacher struggle to teach me was quite embarrassing. So I decided to go back to shore, took some pictures with the locals and enjoyed watching people mingle with each other. It amazes me whenever I see or meet people from halfway around the world, meet at a random place unexpectedly, discuss travel experiences, and share the same interests.

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