Travel Guide: Camotes Island, Cebu

Known as the “Lost Horizon” of the south, the beauty of Camotes Island has been one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. Located in the east of Cebu, it’s a secluded island away from the stress of the city which is a perfect destination to unwind.

How to get there:

If you are traveling from outside Cebu, fly through Airasia, Cebu Pacific or Philippines Airlines. Through ferry boat, take 2go ferry. From the airport or from the ferry port, take a taxi to Cebu North Bus Terminal.

By Bus: Take a taxi or a jeepney from your hotel to Cebu South Terminal. From the bus terminal take a bus to Danao. From Danao, ferries are available to Camotes Island. Buses to Danao have a regular interval.

Bus Fare: 40.00
By jeep: Take a jeepney from SM City or from Highway Mandaue to Danao.
Jeep Fare: 35.00
By van: Take a van at SM Cebu, Ayala Center or in Cebu North Bus Terminal.
Van Fare: 50.00

Bus and van travel from the City will take an 1 – 1.5 from the city depends on the traffic. The usual heavy traffic at Mandaue City makes the travel longer. It’s best to travel early in the morning before rush hour. Rush hour usually starts around 6:30AM. Travel time is longer when you take the public jeepneys.

Ferry Schedule from Danao to Camotes Island

Departure Time


5:30 AM

Jomalia Shipping

6:30 AM

Super Shuttle Ferry

8:30 AM

Jomalia Shipping

12:00 PM

Jomalia Shipping

1:00 PM

Super Shuttle Ferry

5:30 PM

Jomalia Shipping

Ferry Schedule from Camotes Island to Danao 

Departure Time


5:30 AM

Jomalia Shipping

9:00 AM

Jomalia Shipping

10:00 AM

Super Shuttle Ferry

2:00 PM

Jomalia Shipping

4:00 PM

Jomalia Shipping

5:00 PM

Super Shuttle Ferry

Once in Camotes Island, there are plenty of barkers who will help you get a habal habal or multicab for transportation. For fare, discuss with the driver.

Best Time to Visit:

March to May are the best months to travel to Camotes Island (summer). The rest of the year although most of the time the sun is out, there are random typhoons.

Where to stay:

Santiago Bay Garden and Resort
Address: Santiago, San Francisco, Camotes Island
Phone:+63 32 345 8599


Situated on a hilltop overlooking Santiago beach is a luxurious resort that is perfect for weekend getaways and holiday chill. The highlight of the resort except for its location is the infinity pool. They also have an island tour available per request.

Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort
Address: Mangodlong, San Francisco, Poro, Camotes Islands, Cebu, Philippines
Phone:    +6332 420-3385


Another one of the best resorts in Camotes Island to chill. It is Santiago Beach resort sister resort which offers world class comfort. A swimming pool, a volleyball court and other fun activities to do like snorkeling and kayaking. The huts on top of the rocks on the beach are worth Instagramable.

Payag Beach House and Resort
Address: Santiago, Camotes Islands, Cebu, Philippines
Phone: (63 32) 2331158
Mobile No. 092 27125542


Payag meaning a little traditional house made of light materials usually  local plants like bamboo and wood. The roof is often made of anahaw or coconut leaves. The resort is made uniquely with these light materials which make better beach feel. Same amenities are provided like rooms with AC and Non-AC. Basic amenities are provided. Payag Beach House and Resort is also slightly cheaper. No swimming pool. Wifi is available.

Coco Grove Nature Resort and Spa
Address: Mangodlong, San Francisco, Camotes island, Cebu
Phone Number: +639999971723


Another resort that promises comfort and leisure when in Camotes Island is Coco Grove Resort. Situated near the town center few minutes drive from the port, this resort offers basic facilities like restaurant, daily housekeeping, room service, safety deposit boxes and an outdoor swimming pool. Activities like snorkeling, billiards and island tour.

Where to eat:

Pito’s Sutokil – Personally, the best place to eat in Camotes. It has the best seafood menu available. ( My favorite place to eat.)  Located near Santiago Bay. Just ask your driver to take you there.


Island Tour:

Never miss the island tour to complete your Camotes experience. There are plenty of places to see including a lake on the island. You can book a tour through your hotel or randomly ask barkers at the port for a tour. The island is safe so don’t worry about having  a random tour guide. Just make sure that they won’t overcharged you. Since there are several places to visit, it’s best to start the tour early in the morning.

Lake Danao


The lake on the island. Lake Danao is one of the best places to visit when you are in Camotes especially if you want to try the kayak.  Other activities like horse riding, swimming,  sakanaw riding (a motor-powered little boat), food and refreshments are available.

Timubo Cave


The entrance of this cave is somewhere in a farmland. A middle sized hole in the ground is the entrance going down. It takes less than 10-minute walk deep down a narrow dark alley of the cave before reaching the clearest natural pool. Souvenirs are available at the entrance.

Boho Rock Resort


Cliff jumping is the activity to do here aside from swimming. Boho rock is best for the thrill seekers. The resort doesn’t have a sand bar. Most of the cottages are sitting on top of big rocks where its name was derived from.

Busay Falls


It is a small waterfall located in Poro Island. Although there are plenty of waterfalls, natural pools and beaches on the island, Busay Falls is worth visiting with its cool and refreshing light blue colored fresh water. The place tends to be crowded during summer.

Bukilat Cave


Bukilat Cave is another majestic place to visit. Compared to Timubo Cave, Bukilat is more spacious, well lighted, and less scary since the pool is just near the entrance. The water is cool and not too deep. Sometimes it gets too crowded which discouraged some swimmers. The cave has beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

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