About Us

We are two travel enthusiasts who work full-time in the corporate world. Same as everyone else, we are slaves of our job routine and everyday stress. A longing of being free from our boring everyday life pushed us to discover more of what is outside the four corners of our offices.

We met while doing what we love most, have decided to share our travel experiences and created My Little Backpack Adventures to help those who are looking for budget travel tips, provide solo backpacking travel guides and other budget travel conveniences.

She is from the Philippines who just discovered what it feels like to be out of her comfort zone and dash somewhere to an unknown horizon; a solo backpacker who has traveled most countries in Southeast Asia and prefers budget travel adventures. Aside from Southeast Asia, she has been to few other countries, including England and Japan. Of course, plans of traveling to more countries are on her bucket list.

He is from Istanbul, Turkey who has been to 45 countries and numerous cities in Europe, Middle East, and Asia. A wanderer by nature who books random flights and go whenever his schedule allows him to. European budget travel guides, and tips are his expertise. Soon he will be traveling to the exotic countries of Southeast Asia.