Zagreb, Croatia in Less Than 24 Hours

Zagreb is only 145 km from Ljubljana and the cost of getting there is not so expensive. Croatia has many places to visit such as Dubrovnik or Zadar which are mostly located in the Dalmatian coast of the country.



When I got to the city, it was already dark. From the coach station, I had to walk half an hour to the main square. There are trams and buses available for transportation around the city together with randomly situated currency exchange booths. Note that Zagreb does not use Euro, but Krona.

Accommodation is Zagreb is quite affordable. The hostel I found was in the Central Square of the city. It costs me no more than 8 euros a night. I preferred to stay in the hostel because it was located near the attractions of the city.

After a good sleep, I woke up early and immediately started my walking tour. Few meters from my hostel is Tržnica Dolac (Open Market). Near the market is the Cathedral of Zagreb. Like many Gothic styled cathedrals in Europe, it has two towers on both sides of the church.

The entrance of Zagreb Cathedral. Catholics visit the church early in the morning.
Another view of the church entrance from afar. Tourist check out the beauty of the Gothic styled cathedral.


A usual day in Zagreb.
A part of the open market that sells flowering plants.



After 30 minutes of break, I hit the road again. This time to the north to visit St. Mark’s Church. Many museums are located near the area; one of them is the Museum of Broken Relationships. You can climb up to the top of the hill to view the whole city. At midday, a cannon goes off from the historical tower (Kula Lotrščak) near the church to tell the time.

St. Mark’s Church is located in the old town of the city (Gornji grad – Upper Town).The church of St. Mark looks very peaceful.
Roof tops of the city and the cathedral.

There is a funicular near the tower that takes passengers up and down the slope. I preferred to use my legs and ended up in Ilica high street, a shopping district of the city. If you are into shopping this place is for just you.


On the south of the city is the Art Pavillion (Umjetnički paviljon u Zagrebu). To get there,  you have to walk to the south from the main square. It is a 19th century building located near the central train station.

Zagreb did not meet my expectations, maybe because I kept it too high. The city has large recreation areas, parks, fountains, museums and etc. I heard that its night life is vibrant too. But spending your valuable time in Zadar or Dubrovnik would be a better option.

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