A Quick Travel Guide: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I consider Kuala Lumpur as a gateway of my travel world.  This is since I have discovered that traveling and connecting flights around Asia is cheapest from Malaysia. AirAisa, the largest low-cost airline in Malaysia is based in Kuala Lumpur. They have regular domestic and international flights connecting 27 countries around Asia and expanding to Australia. For a budget traveler like me, this is a great opportunity to see more of the world with the option of not spending too much on my plane tickets.

Considering that Malaysia is one of the strongest countries in terms of economic status within the ASEAN, Malaysia is one of the countries that you would love to wander around and discover its hidden tourism’s potential in a nominal budget.

Visa Exemption:

The Philippines used to be a tiger economy of Asia and we had great opportunities connecting with other Asian countries. Visa exemption is one of the convenience the Philippines can take advantage of. Traveling to Malaysia doesn’t require Philippine passport holders to secure a  Visa prior to travel.For other countries please check on visa requirements and exemptions.

Cheapest airlines to Kuala Lumpur are AirAsia and Cebu Pacific from the Philippines. These 2 airlines have regular seat sales  and intermittently, tickets are as low as 1.00 PHP base fare.

My preferred airline flying to Malaysia since I am currently based In Cebu is AirAsia, since direct flights to Kuala Lumpur is cheaper compared to the competing airline.


I always tag a country as one of the best if they have a convenient transportation option. Moving around should be easy and cheap. I am glad that KL is one of the cities in Southeast  Asia that has almost everything accessible. When you get to the airport, you have options on how to get to the city, From the airport, a 30-45 mins. drive to the city center. Options for airport taxis, buses, car rental and even  a limousine if you fancy are your options. Airport bus is the cheapest for 9.00 ringgit.


Again, KL is a  convenient city. Cheap hostels, regular hotels or luxury hotels are available in the city. When I travel I always get the cheapest of course, since I am traveling to see the world and not sleep in a luxurious hotel. Some hostels are dirt cheap. you can get a hostel for as low as 250.00 PHP – 350.00 PHP a night. Regular hotels range from 500 PHP- 1000 PHP. Make sure you know where to find those cheap hostels though. Advance online reservation is the cheapest option. Check hotel rates daily. Hotel and hostel are cheaper usually during early morning.

Best time to Visit:

Malaysia has two different seasons, the monsoon season and the dry season. Unfortunately, most months of the year are wet. From March to April and October to November are the wettest months. June and July are the driest months.  August and September  have random rain and sunshine. Take note of the months that you want to travel to KL to have a pleasant stay and as much as possible to avoid the monsoon heavy rain. Malaysia is a tropical country, weather is almost the same as the Philippines.


A large percentage of Malaysian population in KL are Muslims. So of course, you’ll find certain areas in KL that doesn’t serve pork, but since Malaysia practice diversity in terms of culture and religion, you’ll find different cuisine available to suit your palate . Hindus also hold a significant number of Malaysia’s population, tasty and spicy food are must to be tried when in Malaysia. Regular fast foods are conveniently accessible.

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