How To Prepare For Your First Solo International Travel

So you have read countless of times on Facebook about independent women who travel alone or men who travel around the world endlessly like nomads. Articles and online blogs you read inspired you to have the just book a flight and go attitude. Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience is now your new motto. Convinced, that there is a life more exciting than the sedimentary life that you are living, you are now ready to move forward and do something amazing for yourself. Here is a quick guide for you on how to prepare for your first solo international adventure.

Choose a country

Let’s start from which country you fancy. If you are not sure yet about which country you want to visit, Google will be your magic mirror. Search for the countries you are interested to see and start from there. I would like to suggest since this is going to be your first international travel, how about our neighboring countries in Asia? What do you think?

Visa-Required or Visa-Free

Unfortunately, the Philippine passport doesn’t have a strong travel opportunity. There are few countries that do not require Filipinos to have a visa. If the country you want to visit doesn’t need a visa, you are good to go. if you are not certain here is a list of visa-free countries for Philippine passport holders. Please check for visa requirements for a specific country.

Passport Validity

Most countries would need to have your passport valid 6 months before it expires. Check on the validity of your passport to avoid inconvenience before your travel date. To those who do not have a passport yet, apply at the nearest Department of Foreign Affairs in your area.

Book a Flight

There are plenty of options on how to book a flight. Numerous travel agencies and online websites are available 24 hours, however, what we need to make sure is that you are not paying too much for a plane ticket. Book a flight months before your travel date. Airline tickets are most likely 50% cheaper.


When I first did my solo international travel, I didn’t book ahead of time, what I didn’t realize, I was paying expensively for my accommodation which was avoidable. Book online, there are hotel reservation websites available for as low as 80% off.

Create an Itinerary

Since this is going to be your first solo international travel, make sure that it is going to be a pleasant trip. Making an itinerary will help you achieve the dream travel that you are picturing out. An itinerary can guide you on what activities you want to do on a specific day. It will help you as well maximize your time since you have a schedule to follow. Make sure to take down notes regarding timetables of public transportation. Taxis are usually expensive. Note on the activities you want to do on a specific day and what tourist destinations you want to visit. Google will be your best friend here, it will assist you on what you want to know and where you want to go. An itinerary will also help you create your budget, that way you won’t be spending too much unnecessarily.

Travel Insurance

Always be safe than sorry. Don’t forget to purchase your travel insurance before traveling. There are plenty of online travel agencies or even airline companies that offer travel insurance. Travel insurance rate depends on how many days you will be outside the country. Check online for quotes.

Educate yourself

It’s necessary that you know something about the country where you will be traveling. Know about the currency, how much the exchange rate, food, accommodation, public transportation, and religion of the country. A tourist is not exempted to the culture of a specific country. Blend in and follow regulations. For example, in Dubai, public display of affection is not permitted. You need to be aware of that or else you will find yourself in jail. So read and travel smart.

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