A Quick Travel Guide: Bali, Indonesia

Visa Exemption:

Indonesia is one of the countries that the Philippine passport has visa exemption. Click the link to check the complete list of visa-free  countries. ( Indonesia ). Upon arrival at the airport,  go straight to immigration and present your passport. Most of my friends ask me if they need to present a COE ( Certificate of Employment ), it’s not necessary but you can bring one. Usually a return ticket is enough proof that you will be leaving the country after your intended stay.

Flights To Bali:

There are plenty of flights going to Indonesia. AirAsia flies regularly to Bali. Traveling from the Philippines? Cebu Pacific has direct flights.

Best Time To Travel:

Technically, anytime is the best time to visit Bali, but to those who would like to avoid the crowd, you can use the information below.

Low: January to June – Great for cheap accommodations and affordable tour packages.

High: July to September – Most accommodations are booked and prices are higher.

Peak: August – first week of January – The busiest months of the year. Streets will be congested, accommodations will be more expensive and mostly booked. It’s difficult to haggle with merchants during this time.


From the airport going to your hotel, look for a Blue Bird metered taxi which is more reliable than random taxis. There are also booths for airport taxis but more expensive. Scooters for rent, taxis, cars for rent with or without driver and tours are available around Bali.


Countless of accommodations to choose from, however, I would like to suggest, consider the crowd where you want to stay.

Kuta –  is best for budget travelers and beach lovers. A lot of inexpensive accommodations are around here though this place is packed with tourists. Usually crowded and jammed. You will find most of the things you need in Kuta. Shops, nightlife venues and surfing.

Seminyak –  is a bit laid back and less crowded. If you have more cash to spend and you hate the crowd, this is the best place for you. The beach is beautiful, however, accommodations are more expensive. Congested during peak season.

Ubud – this place is for nature lovers. If you like to be more close to the mountains and rice terraces of Bali, Ubud is the best place for you. Accommodation prices vary. Ubud is more relaxing compared to Kuta and Seminyak.


Food establishments in Bali are everywhere. There are plenty of foreign and local food choices. The Balinese food is composed of rice, vegetables, pork or chicken meat. It’s a combination of meat, vegetables, seafood, and spices. Some dishes include lawar ( (chopped coconut, garlic, chili, with pork or chicken meat and blood). Nasi Goreng is fried rice with vegetables.

Points of Interest:

Photo: Bali Green Tour

Temples – Bali is full of history, belief and religious relics. There are hundreds of ancient and modern temples. Example is Tanah Lot, an ancient water temple that draws a lot of attention because of its location and amazing sunset.

0be67f_ef0dcf15fb39452d8bc5aa26916eb353-mv2_d_3556_2849_s_4_2Beaches – Surfing! Beaches in Bali are great for swimming and surfing. It’s a haven for surfers and beach lovers. Don’t miss the stunning sunset at the beach and try Bali’s colorful beach restaurants in Seminyak.

0be67f_f82e0706dc8e465aafdb741c51727dbc-mv2_d_4032_3024_s_4_2Landscapes – Bali is beautiful. It’s a blend of crowded beaches, congested streets, majestic mountains and tranquil rainforests. Ubud balances the hostile environment of the city which is a perfect place to see a different Bali atmosphere. The captivating view of its mountains and the picturesque sight of the rice terraces, perfect!

0be67f_969e08468fe54566b3fab8afdb765fe6-mv2Museums – Javanese handmade crafts are beautiful and unique. A visit to its museums is a way to understand more about its arts and culture. Regular workshops are offered too.

0be67f_a08632c1e10f45f09b6e9290b26e9e91-mv2_d_3024_3024_s_4_2Cultural Experiences – Indonesia is rich in culture. The Ramayana and other cultural dances are held regularly around Bali especially in Ubud which is the center of cultural arts and dances. You can watch a Ramayana excerpt in Uluwatu Temple.

0be67f_15d62046329748178fa199abcfd11c33-mv2_d_4032_3024_s_4_2World Class Resorts – Resorts in Bali are affordable and definitely one of the best in Southeast Asia. A combination of genuine hospitality and serene location is how most tourist describe it. If you are on a tight budget but would like to experience one of the best resorts in Bali, some resorts do have an option for day use. Check with your preferred resorts.

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