SOLO TRAVEL ITINERARY – 5 Countries in 14 Days for 35,000.00 ALL IN with Breakdown of Expenses

Since I am working full-time (same as you) and I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I am fulfilling my travel bucket list slowly one at a time. So aside from limited leave credits from work as well as limited funds in my bank account, I carefully experimented on a solo travel, backpacking 5 countries in 14 days. From Cebu, I went to Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand and back to Cebu for 35,000.00 PHP all in!. Here is my itinerary:

First Country: Singapore 2D – 1N




 I was able to book a hostel at Arab Street, Shophouse the Social Hostel at for 668.00 PHP a night  with breakfast of bread, butter or jam and unlimited coffee or tea.
The Shophouse at Arab Street
Address:48 Arab Street
199745 SG
Phone: +6590601284


 Chinatown in Singapore has plenty of affordable food stalls which you can buy for 3.50 SGD a meal drinks included. Tap water in Singapore is safe for drinking so you can always refill your water bottles.


Transportation service in Singapore is one of the most convenient and inexpensive in the whole of Asia. Take the metro and purchase a 1 day train ticket for 10 SGD.


Ticket from Cebu:           1999.00
Food:                                   400.00
Accommodation:             668.00
Transportation:                400.00

Total expense:                3,367.00 PHP

Singapore Budget Travel Tip

  1. Purchase a 1 day train ticket if you will be traveling to multiple locations especially when you are travelling to more than 6 destinations. Single train ride normally cost 1.60 SGD only.
  2. Water in Singapore is potable; if you are okay with it, bring a water bottle and refill. A bottle of water costs from 1.80 – 3.50 SGD.
  3. Hotels in Singapore are expensive, book a hostel room. Hostels are quite comfortable with breakfast.
  4. For souvenir shopping, go to China Town. It’s cheaper.
  5. Book an accommodation with breakfast to save.

Country 2: Indonesia 5D – 4N

I stayed 3 days in Bali and then went to Yogyakarta for 2 days. My plane ticket from Singapore to Bali was 2000.00 PHP through Jetstar from Singapore. From Bali to Yogyakarta it was 1800.00 PHP.




I booked a luxury resort in Bali, Blue Point Bay Villas and Spa Resort for 2000.00 PHP with breakfast. I booked an expensive hotel knowing that Bali has world renowned resorts, it was worth the experience. A 15-min drive from the resort is a water temple (Pura Luhur) or Uluwatu Temple where I witnessed  a traditional Ramayana dance excerpt for 100,000.00 IDR and entrance fee for 50,000.00 IDR. On my second and 3rd day in Bali, I preferred to stay in the crowded Kuta. I booked a capsule hostel for 2 nights at CX Hostel Kuta Raya for 298.54 PHP per night with breakfast.
 Blue Point Bay Villas and Spa Resort
Address: Jl. Labuansait – Uluwatu, Pecatu, Kuta Selatan,
                  Pecatu, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten  Badung, Bali 80364, Indonesia
Phone:   +62 361 769888
CX Hostel Kuta Raya
Address: Jl. Raya Kuta.Tuban
80361 ID
Phone: +622158900889



Fast foods like Burger King and McDonald are quite expensive 50,000.00 IDR – 65,000.00 IDR when you compare it to their local food. There are plenty of food options around Bali. Balinese food costs 25,000.00 IDR – 35,000.00 IDR.


I got to spend a lot for my transportation in Indonesia since they don’t have regular buses around the city or any type of cheaper public transportation. I was not confident to rent a scooter.
Scooter rent for 200,000.00 IDR – 250, 00.00 IDR per day.
Private cars are for rent for 600,000.00 – 500,000.00 IDR with a driver.

Private tour for 600,000.00 – 500,000.00 IDR per day.

Quite expensive for a solo traveler who is not confident to drive, don’t you think?

 Food and drinks:             500.00
Accommodation:             2597.08
Transportation/tours:     3500.00
Plane Ticket:                    1800.00

Total expense:                9,397.08 PHP

Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2D – 1N

 After staying for 3 days in Bali, I flew to Jogjakarta to visit Prambanan and Borobudur Temples. Yogyakarta is less crowded and cheaper compared to Bali. Yogyakarta is better in terms of crowd and expenses.




I had a satisfying stay in Adhistana Hotel. It was a budget friendly hotel with pleasant ambiance and friendly staff. The hotel has a pool and buffet breakfast for 250.00 PHP per night; it was the best hotel deal that I got.
Adhistana Hotel
Address: Jalan Prawirotaman II No.613, Brontokusuman,
                  Mergangsan, Brontokusuman, Mergangsan, Kota
                  Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55153

Phone: +62 274 413888


Regular local meals in Yogyakarta costs 30,000.00 IDR – 50,000.00 IDR depending on your food choices . Fast foods and basic restaurants are close-by.



Scooter with driver – 100,000.00 IDR, depending on the distance. It was cheaper than getting a taxi or private car. I was able to get a van to take me to Borobudur Temple for 100,000.00 IDR and 85,000.00 IDR to Prambanan.
Food:                               450.00
Accommodation:          679.50
Transportation:             1025.00
Plane Ticket:                  1783.00

Total Expenses:            3,837.50 PHP


Indonesia Travel Tips

  1. Indonesia is expensive for solo travelers especially, if you are traveling from one of the Southeast Asian Countries where your country’s currency is low. Best for group travel.
  2. If you know how to drive, it would be best to rent a scooter and do your DIY tour. It will help you save a lot.
  3. If you want to buy souvenirs, do not buy from small stalls near tourist spots. There are cheap souvenir shops in Kuta or ask your hotel receptionist about it.

Country 3: Malaysia – 2D – 1N

I stayed in Kuala Lumpur for 2 days and 1 night. I have been to KL twice, so I have been to most of what needs to be seen in KL.



I booked a hotel at Royal Palm Lounge (I won’t recommend) in KL city center. It was crowded and the traffic was jammed near the hostel.
Royal Palm Lounge
Address: 85 M & 87 M, Mezennaine Floor Jalan Bukit
                  Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, KL, Malaysia
Phone:    +60 3-2110 5337


Malaysia has a diverse culture, the same as the food. Chinese, Malaysian, Indian and western food are available. Food prices vary; most local food costs about 8.00 ringgit – 20.00 ringgit, but still would depend on what your palate prefers. The basic 7-eleven is found conveniently around the city.


Malaysian transportation service is fairly accessible. Options for taxis, buses and trains are around the city. KL has organized transportation service. So you won’t have problems getting around. Take the bus service for 9.00 ringgit from airport to city center (cheapest option) airport is like 45 minutes away.
Plane Ticket:                  1245.00
Food:                               400.00
Accommodation:           233.50
Transportation:              750.00

Total Expenses:            2628.50 PHP



Malaysia Travel Tips

  1. From airport to the city center, purchase a bus ticket for 9.00 ringgit. From city center to airport take a bus from KL Sentral 12.00 – 15.00 ringgit. Taxi costs 75.00 – 100.00 ringgit from city center to airport.
  2. If you are planning to visit the Petronas Tower, take note of the open hours. I went there when it was already closed. Don’t miss that view from the highest floor.
  3. You can book a hotel near Chinatown and enjoy a night market shopping at Patulding.
  4. Don’t miss to visit Batu Cave when in KL.
  5. Hostels will always do the trick if you are on a budget.

Country 4: Cambodia 2D – 1N

After my brief sight seeing in Kuala Lumpur, I had an early flight to Seam Reap, Cambodia. I stayed in Siem Reap for 2 days and 1 night. My plane ticket through AirAsia was only 280.00 PHP. 




 I booked a hotel for 816.50 PHP per night at Overflow Guesthouse for that price; it included breakfast and free airport to hotel service. The hotel has good amenities like laundry, tour packages, meals, and a swimming pool.
Overflow Guesthouse
Address: Wat Chork Street, Pnhea Chey Village
Svay Dangkum Commune
Siem Reap 17252 KH
Phone:   +85598652075



Khmer food is delicious, spices add unique flavor to their local food. Some dishes are a bit spicy, sautéed and well seasoned. Local food price range from 200,000.00 KHR -350,000.0HR. Limited convenience stores and fast foods can be found in the town


I haven’t seen taxis or buses when I was there. Long distance travels have buses available though. There are also bikes and scooters for rent, price vary from 300,000.00 KHR – 600,000.00 KHR.
Food:                                        300.00
Accommodation:                   1597.50
Transportation/entrance:     3000.00
Plane Ticket:                            683.42

Total:                                        5580.92 PHP


Cambodia Travel Tip
  1. Rent a bike or book a hotel that provides bike for free.
  2. If you are looking for cheaper souvenirs, you can go to local souvenir shops or local markets in the town center.

Country 5: Thailand   2D – 1N

I went straight to Thailand after my 2-day incredible experience in the amazing ruins in Siem Reap. I have been to Thailand once, in Bangkok. This time I was exploring the islands of Phuket and Krabi.




 I got a room for 250.00 at Phuket’s Paradise Hotel, breakfast not included. The hotel’s location was only 10 mins. walk to a night market. Souvenir shops are just opposite to it. Restaurants and convenience stores were nearby.
Phuket’s Paradise Hotel
Address: 178/16-17 Pungmuang Sai Koe Rd
83150 TH
Phone:  +6676512356


Local food from regular restaurants costs from 150.00 Baht– 250.00 Baht. But since a night market was near where I booked my hotel, I was able to satisfy my fill with street food and fresh seafood. Assorted fried and grilled meat, fish, and refreshments are available. 7-eleven and other food shops are within the area.


 Renting a scooter is always the best option, prices vary and taxis are always available. There are also vans for rent which the hotel can contact or book for you. Or you can walk around the city center, would be great to enjoy the public beaches, souvenir shops and night markets located at the side walks.
Food:                                    300.00
Accommodation:                500.00
Transportation/tour:         1500.00
Plane Ticket:                       1241.00

Total expenses:                3541.00 PHP


 Budget Travel Tip
  1. Book an accommodation near night markets where affordable food and souvenirs are available.
  2. Public beaches are around Phuket, no need to book for an island tour.
  3. Rent a scooter.

From Thailand, I flew back to Malaysia for my flight back to Cebu. I stayed for few hours in KL International Airport on the 14th day.

Plane tickets
Krabi to Kuala Lumpur – 2484.00 PHP
Kuala Lumpur to Cebu – 3500.00 PHP

Total Expenses for 14 days traveling to 5 different countries by plane: 34,336.00 PHP.

Additional Travel Tips:

  1. Expenses depend on your itinerary.
  2. Cebu Pacific and AirAsia have regular seat sales. Check their websites regularly for cheap plane tickets.
  3. Book hotel reservations online prior travel date.
  4. You can do an itinerary like this but cheaper than 35,000 Php when you know     how to drive. Just make sure to get cheap flight tickets.

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