Travelers of the Day: Charmel and Lloyd

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Unplanned/Cancelled Trips, stranded vacay, meeting with different people and unending feasts of the flavors of the places – these make a great and unexpected journey!

To Princess, the ever eloquent femme travel buddy. I wish more travels with you. You are an amazing person. A well diverse sight seeker. You just came back from your VIETNAM trip and you never fail to bring the memories to us. You are a true story teller. Cheers to our upcoming adventures together.

To myself, always find time to seek the beauty the world can offer. We travel because we lose ourselves and we travel again to find ourselves. Always think that it is sometimes nice to be lost in the right direction. Hope you can look for more great adventure!

We travel to be young fools again – to fall in love with the places we’ve been. To fill our ignorance and knowledge because there is more to come! – Charmel

Thank you for sharing!


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