Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual


It was during the summer of 2016. I was on my way to experience the exotic Cambodia. Like any other tourist, I was excited to see the beauty of the once great empire of Khmer. On my first day in Cambodia, I visited the lesser known ruins and save the best for last.

Early the next day, before the sun was up, I was on my way to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat. It was before 5:30 AM when I was at the entrance of the ruins. I headed inside while looking for a perfect spot to witness the sunrise. There were plenty of visitors as well who were patiently waiting for the magic. It was almost 6:00 AM when the sky turned bright orange.




Like a ball of fire, but not aggressively hot, the sun was rising behind Angkor Wat. People were in awe looking at it. From a distance, the rising sun looked unnaturally huge. It looked bigger than any other sunrise that I have experienced.  Aside from its size, the color it was emitting was deep orange. It enveloped the sky with unnatural deep red orange color. The magical phenomenon lasted less 15 mins. After the magic, the sky slowly changed color from deep orange to light yellow and then finally light blue with scattered clouds. It was another beautiful day in Siam Reap.

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