Traveler of the Day – Marie Claire Burlat

After the exhausting lectures, sleepless nights, limited allowance and catching up on all the deadlines, you have finally broken out the from the prison cells of being a student.

You were ecstatic to get a good paying job, meet new friends and experience the greatness of the corporate life. Finally, a job in one of the best companies in the world; struggled at first since it was a new environment for you, but your monthly paycheck kept you going.

The amount you were earning fed your lifestyle – bought the trendiest phone, dined in one of the most expensive restaurants or went spending your own money.

That was your routine, your slow redundant routine….

Then one day you realized that nothing made sense anymore, that you were again constrained, bounded and unable to breathe. So you submitted your resignation letter and left behind what you think were dragging you to the pits of vagueness and uncertainty.

For months, your friends didn’t hear anything from you. And then suddenly, your Instagram pictures have been updated from mediocre blogger poses to more daring and better captures with stunning unfamiliar places in your background.

From then on, I know that you are living a life that you hold dear. A life that you are more entranced about to wake up each day.

Marie Claire Burlat is an amateur blogger and traveler. Follow her adventures on Instagram @matetclaraburl and at


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